There’s a reason we build with timber. It’s the same reason timber is the building material of choice in the eastern states. Timber gives you the freedom to create your dream, whether you’re improving your home or building a new one. If you can imagine it, we can build it with timber.

Timber is anything and everything you want

As master carpenters, it goes without saying we love timber. But we’re not alone. Building with timber has a host of benefits that make it the preferred construction material around the world.

  • It’s versatile. You can use timber innovatively to achieve interesting designs.
  • It’s tried and tested. Timber is strong and can be used for almost every building requirement.
  • It’s light and economical. Timber can be prefabricated, minimising wastage and on-site costs.
  • It gives you more aesthetic options. You can clad timber-frame homes any way you want.
  • It’s a completely renewable resource. Plus, it has a low embodied energy and thermal mass compared to other materials, so it’s ideal for building sustainable, energy-efficient homes.

What about termites and pests?

We only use treated timber, so the extensions, modular homes and timber-frame homes we build are safe from termites and other pests.

Isn’t double-brick construction more popular in Perth?

Yes, it is, and brick construction certainly offers some benefits in certain situations. But building with timber is generally faster and less wasteful, requiring fewer trades on site, so it’s more efficient and economical too.

What’s more, with a timber construction it’s easier to alter or extend your home later, again giving you more flexibility and freedom to create the home you want.

That’s why timber is the preferred building material practically everywhere in Australia outside WA – around 85% of detached homes are built using a timber frame.

More and more home designers, architects and homeowners in Perth are realising that timber is the perfect choice. Find out if it’s right for you.