Why build a timber-frame home? There are a host of reasons. It’s usually faster and more efficient than other materials – less time and waste means your home is cheaper to build and run, and more sustainable too. But best of all, with timber and our master carpenters you have more freedom.

Transform your vision into reality with timber

We can build your home using any combination of materials or methods, but we recommend timber for the same reasons it’s the building material of choice in the eastern states and the world over.

You can design and build the energy-efficient home of your dreams faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively, achieving better environmental outcomes with a truly renewable resource.

Imagination is your only limitation

Working with our builders – carpenters by trade – and our design partners, you’ll be able to create the home of your dreams.

Using a timber frame gives you more:

  • Aesthetic choices. Clad your home in a host of stylish and robust materials, from CFC products and timber weatherboards, to solid timber planks and a range of new systems.
  • Energy savings. Unlike concrete and bricks, timber has low thermal mass and can accommodate a range of shading and insulation solutions – ideal for hotter climates.
  • Floor space. External walls in timber-frame homes are usually less than half size of walls in double-brick homes, giving you more internal floor space.
  • Savings from day one. Generally, timber-frame homes require little or no site works – your home can be designed to work with the land, saving you time and money.

Find out more about the benefits of using timber and why we’re the best people in Perth to transform your dream into a timber-frame reality.