If you want to create your dream home, building a timber-frame house gives you the freedom to let your imagination loose. But there’s another way to realise your dream. With a little vision and inspiration from our team, you can turn your current house into the home you always wanted.

Imagine the possibilities, reap the rewards

Just as building a new timber-frame home gives you almost endless creative options, so does a timber-frame extension or modular home addition. What’s more, extending means you can:

  • Stay where you are. If you love your street and suburb, stay in the location you love.
  • Save money. Extending is cheaper than selling, buying and then building a new home.
  • Add value. It’s cost effective and a great way to build value and capital in your home.
  • Be sustainable. Extending is also a more sustainable option than building from scratch.

How we’ll help you

Our team and design partners will help you find a smart solution that works for you and your lifestyle, breathing new life into your home and transforming the way it works for your family.

There are lots of innovative building solutions and creative options to discuss and consider, including:

A new layout. More space. An external makeover. By the time our team has finished, your current home will look and feel like a new one – your dream home.

Whether you already have a vision in mind, or you’re looking for some inspiration, we’re here to help. Either check out some of our recent projects in Perth or get in touch.